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What Everyone Ought to Know About Weight Loss Wraps

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While there are no quick fixes to losing weight, having a weight loss wrap done is one of the best ways to quickly lose a few inches around the stomach, legs, or other problem area before an event or trip. There are a number of different body wrap brands out there that make a number of different promises, but there are DIY homemade wraps and recipes that you can use to make it and will bring the same results. If you’re considering doing a wrap in order to lose weight, there are a few things you need to consider. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about using a wrap for successful weight loss, along with figuring out how to choose the right plastic wrap for you.

How do Wraps Work to Promote Weight Loss?

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We’ve seen the claims all over the internet – just wrap up your stomach in this amazing product, and a few hours later, you’ll be pounds lighter. But do they really work? Are they safe? Are they worth our time and money?

While a wrap will most definitely not get you to drop dozens of pounds overnight, they can help detoxify the body and stimulate weight loss. So if you have a big event or trip you’re planning, doing a few weight loss wraps before you go can help drop a few stubborn pounds. Weight loss wraps are also a great way to start a diet or weight loss journey on a positive foot.

The science behind how a wrap for weight loss works is actually pretty simple. Just below the surface of our skin lies layers of fat. When we are lazy about exercising, eating correctly, or consume a lot of salt or sugar, toxins build up in the form of fluid around our fat cells. A body wrap works to stimulate weight loss by pulling those toxins and fluids out of the fat cells and moves them to be flushed out of the body.

Normally our body can handle a certain amount of toxins, which enter our body through the air, food we eat, and things we drink. But what can’t be processed by our liver or kidneys moves on to be absorbed into our bodies – such as in the fluid around our fat cells. If we want to lose weight, we need to stimulate and remove these toxins so that our bodies can run smoothly.

Kinds of Wraps

Not all body wraps are created the same. There are actually three main kinds of body wraps that all bring a different element to your body, but can each stimulate weight loss in their own way. These kinds of wraps include dehydration wraps, hydration wraps, and pampering wraps.

Dehydration Wraps

When we think about a body wrap for weight loss, we most commonly think of dehydration wraps. Dehydration wraps work to eliminate the water in our bodies and push for weight loss associated with the removal of that excess water. These types of wraps can be great for someone feeling bloated or feeling like they are retaining too much water, but they can also be dangerous if not used correctly. Remember, your body is made up primarily of water, so if you are consistently using dehydration wraps, you want to ensure you are replenishing the water you remove.

The weight loss associated with dehydration wraps is not permanent and usually only lasts a few days. This is because you are not actually eliminating any fat, just extra water. But if you are just looking to drop a few pounds before a wedding or beach trip, a dehydration wrap can help you feel and look less bloated.

Hydration Wraps

Hydration wraps are the most common wrap for effectively removing toxins in the body. This kind of wrap will stimulate the cells and move the toxins out of fat storage and into the body’s waste where it can be removed. When using a hydration wrap, it is important to drink a lot of water as it will help to promote the removal of toxins.

Because you are removing toxins and not just water, the weight you lose with a hydration wrap can last much longer than that of a dehydration wrap.

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Pampering Wrap

While a pampering wrap will not directly help you lose weight in the same way that a dehydration or hydration wrap would, a pampering wrap can help you relieve stress. Stress wrecks havoc on our bodies and can cause us to over eat and store too much food. A pampering wrap can allow you to relax so you can return to the real world with a more positive attitude and readiness to begin your new diet and workout routine.

While these wraps can be found in salons or offered through distributors, it is not always necessary to purchase a product to see results. There are a number of DIY and homemade wraps for weight loss that you can make with products in your own kitchen.

If you aren’t willing to drop a few hundred dollars on a wrap for weight loss, no problem. There are dozens of different formulas and mixtures that can be used in order to stimulate the removal of toxins from your body. In most cases, all you’ll need is some plastic wrap, lotion, and an additive like ginger, epsom salts, or clay. Each formula has a different benefit and can promote the removal of a number of toxins.

If you’re thinking about doing a wrap to stimulate toxin removal and promote weight loss, be sure to do your research on what is best for you and your situation. Remember that a store bought or salon provided body wrap will not always be the most effective and you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to get the body you’re looking for.

A body wrap isn’t a replacement for eating healthy and working out, but when used in conjunction with a great diet and strong routine, you could see a few more inches disappear.


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