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This One Weird Anti-Aging Supplement Can Help You Lose Weight Fast

Part of aging well is staying healthy. For a lot of older adults, that means dropping the excess weight that has been holding you down all these years. Although nothing works as well as a proper anti-aging nutrition and fitness routine, there’s a new anti-aging supplement on the market that can help boost your weight loss diet plan: garcinia cambogia.

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

The anti-aging supplement is made from the fruit of a plant that is native to Indonesia. The skin of the garcinia cambogia fruit contains a natural substance called hydroxycitric acid (HCA); this is what is naturally extracted to create the anti-aging supplement. Garcinia cambogia has been found to be an effective anti-aging supplement to drop pounds if used in combination with a calorie-reduced weight loss diet. In fact, studies have shown some promise.

One of the randomized placebo-control studies followed a group of 60 obese people on a calorie-restricted weight loss diet of 1,200 calories a day, along with a daily 1,320 mg dose of HCA for eight weeks. At the end of the eight-week period, it was found that the participants who were taking the anti-aging supplement had lost an average of 14 pounds; the group who were given a placebo only lost 6.1 pounds. The garcinia cambogia group also reported reduced appetite.

How Does the Anti-Aging Supplement Work?

The anti-aging supplement is believed to have a dual-pronged approach that’s ideal for a weight loss diet: it works to burn fat, while preventing new fat from forming. It also replaces the burned fat with muscle. Plus, because this anti-aging supplement is made from natural plant extracts and ingredients, it’s been shown to increase serotonin levels—serotonin is the neurotransmitter in your brain that plays a role in moderating sleep, appetite, memory, muscle contraction, cardiovascular function, and bone metabolism.

Taking this anti-aging supplement for the long-term has also been linked to healthier cravings over time. The logic is that continuously taking the recommended dose of garcinia cambogia can curb your cravings for salty and processed foods because it trains your digestive system to favor natural foods, like the HCA, instead.

Garcinia-Cambogia-Weird-Anti-Aging-Supplement-Can-Help-You-Lose-Weight-Fast_2What You Need to Know Before Taking This Anti-Aging Supplement

While it’s safe to take the HCA anti-aging supplement as part of your weight loss diet, it is not recommended that you take more than 500 to 1,000 mg before each meal. Never exceed more than 3,000 mg per day.

If you do decide to try a Garcinia Cambogia anti-aging supplement, pay close attention to the list of ingredients before buying it. It should contain 50% HCA with an active ingredient of potassium. Many anti-aging supplements claim to contain natural ingredients, but are also packed with fillers and other artificial ingredients as well. Always be wary and research any ingredients you aren’t sure about.

It’s important to note that you should never rely solely on anti-aging supplements for your weight loss diet—a truly effective weight loss diet plan will always include anti-aging nutrition and fitness elements as well. Also, keep in mind that Garcinia Cambogia is still relatively new to the world of anti-aging supplements, and studies are still being done to prove (or disprove) its effectiveness, which is why it’s even more important to use it in conjunction with a moderate exercise routine and sensible portions at mealtime.

While this anti-aging supplement is safe to take for the average adult, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid it. If you’re diabetic and taking insulin or glyburide, you should consult with your doctor before starting HCA anti-aging supplements, as they may lower your blood sugar. You should also use the anti-aging supplement with caution if you’re currently taking a statin (drugs used to help lower your cholesterol), as it can cause side effects that impact your muscles.


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