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How to Reduce Calorie Intake for Weight Loss

You’re fighting the battle of the budge. You want to slim down and be healthy. It’s a noble gesture, and there are plenty of devices and diet plans out there to help you reach your goal. You may have even already tried the cabbage soup diet or the plethora of new supplements, which are supposed to make the weight melt off like butter (ironic right?). However, what you have probably found is that those are short term solutions to a long term problem. Losing weight is like a mathematical equation (in a way); if you want to lose weight, you have to eat fewer calories to help burn fat. It sounds confusing but it is really quite simple to watch your calorie intake in order to lose weight.

Doing the Math

You are probably wondering what your calorie intake should be to lose weight. Well, this is where an intake calculator can be very helpful for you (click here for online calculator). First, you need to specify your lifestyle. Are you sedentary, moderately active, or active? Let’s say you are a woman that is moderately active and you are 35 years old. You would need to eat 2,000 calories a day to maintain your current weight. A male of the same age would need to eat 2,600 calories to maintain their weight. Now, if you want to lose weight, you must create a deficit.

A pound is equal to 3,500 calories. To lose one pound a week, you need to reduce your diet by 3,500 calories to do so. So, if you divide the calories needed to lose by seven days, you will see that you need to eat 500 calories less each day. The woman would need to lower her calories to 1,500, and the man should bring his calories down to 2,100. If you want to lose two pounds a week, you need to create a 1,000 calorie per day deficit. However, it is advisable to never go below 1,200 calories. When the caloric intake is too low, it causes a person to lose their vitamins and minerals, which can cause sickness and unhealthy weight loss.

Food for Thought

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Many people will look at a deficit of 1,000 calories a day and think it is impossible. Really, it is more about what you eat. If you eat a diet that has processed foods, sugary treats, and high sodium; you are not making good food choices. On average, these are all things that have higher calorie content. They are not good for the body and do not provide the fuel your body needs. However, if you switch your diet to one of lean meats and plant-based goodies; the weight will fall of much quicker. The four basic food groups are our recommended guidelines for consumption. You should have 2-4 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Though it calls for 6-10 servings of bread and cereal; if you want to lose weight you should cut those down considerably more than the recommended.

How Exercise Burns More Than Dieting

An active person doesn’t need to create a huge loss in calories because they will burn more calories working out. Everything you do will burn some sort of calories. Even if you just lay in bed and slept all day long, you would still burn at least 60-95 calories each hour. If you’re not an active person, even the smallest things can make a huge impact. Cleaning the house for 30 minutes will burn 90-120 calories. How much you weigh and the exact type of cleaning will also factor into that equation, obviously, but you get the idea! Your calorie intake for weight loss is all going to depend on how active you are and what you’re willing to put down.

Ways to Easily Cut 500 Calories a Day

Let’s say you don’t have the time or energy to do all this healthy cooking. Perhaps you have a family and you cannot afford to cook two different meals. There are other ways that you can make cuts too. Here are some easy ways that you can cut 500 without even thinking about it.

*Cut Out All Sodas and Juices – Drink Only Water
*Don’t Eat After 7 Pm
*Make Sure You Eat Breakfast to Avoid Mid-Morning Snacking
*Snack on Fruits or Veggies
*Cut Out Fried Foods
*Watch Potatoes, Pastas, and Rice
*If You’re Craving Sweets, Eat Fruit instead!

While these don’t seem like huge deals, they can really add up to a huge calorie loss. For instance, a can of soda has about 150 calories in it. Most people either have 4-5 in a day, or they go through the drive through for a large that is equivalent to three cans. Water has no calories and can be sweetened with fresh fruit for flavors. If you eat after 7 pm, you are most likely lounging around or heading up to bed. Your body is not going to burn as much fat at night as it does during the day. Remember; eat lunch like a king and dinner like a pauper. It’s one way you can lose weight.

Throw Out the Journals

Stop asking yourself what your specific calorie intake should be! You need to make realistic changes. You can journal, join online programs, or even wear an expensive watch that counts your every step; however, the real alteration comes from a mindset. Learn to say no to foods that aren’t good to you. Stop eating when you are full. The mentality that you cannot waste any food will pack on the pounds. If you have junk food in your home, get rid of it. The children and the rest of the family can benefit from a healthy eating lifestyle as well, not just you!

Too Much Too Quickly

Changing your lifestyle is something that should be gradual. If you change everything in the spur of the moment in one day, chances are you won’t stick with it. Experiment with new recipes that the whole family can enjoy. Find things that work and work well. Don’t ever be ashamed of failure, as some recipes will work and some won’t. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. You have a lifetime of old habits to kick, and that isn’t going to happen overnight.

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10 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Everyone has their favorite foods that we all love to eat. What if you found a favorite food that could actually help you lose weight. You will not see yourself to start shred pounds quickly without doing anything. You will have to also workout for a change to happen. These foods are just a smarter choice to help get your body into shape. Eat right and exercise and you will get the results you want.


When you think of potatoes you usually think of them loaded with cheese, butter, bacon bits and sour cream. You should be thinking of just plain potatoes or even better, just the skin. The actual potato is loaded with carbs that may not be too healthy but the skin on the other hand, is filled with fiber and starch. If you are not a fan of potatoes, that’s okay just try eating the skin. If you watch what you eat on a daily basis and maybe try the nonfat sour cream you may be able to sneak a little onto your potato. You may even want to try sweet potatoes, they are also great for you with a little more flavor!

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Meat is something you should have in your everyday diet. It is a great source of protein. Filet is a great cut of meat with the nutrients and necessary proteins that you need. It still has an amazing flavor without all the fat. Meat will help you build muscle and help keep you feeling full. The plus side of feeling full and satisfied with your meals is that you will not be running for the snack cabinet. Just because meat is a good source of protein does not mean you should be consuming huge amounts of it either. Keep your portions smaller rather than bigger to avoid overeating.

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Any light soup is good for you to have for lunch but try to limit yourself to only broth based soup. Add veggies and try to maybe have a meat to add some protein such as chicken. Try to add things that will only make your selection healthy. Another great thing about soup is that you can make a huge thing of it all in one sitting and then freeze it all for other days you may want it.

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Did you know that salon can reduce the inflammation in your body? This happens because salmon is filled with omega-3. This will help you in the long run because of reducing inflammation, your muscles will be able to recover faster meaning that you build muscle more easily and your metabolism increases. Salmon is something that is easy to make and you can even season it with something like lemon juice or lemon pepper. If you start to add other non healthy things, there will be no point to eating salmon in the first place.

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Eating oatmeal every morning can be very good for you and you can add fresh fruit to give it a better taste. Oatmeal may be thick, but it is not terribly bad for you. Oats are filled with a bunch of great minerals and can be a daily source of grains. There is also a great source of fiber in oatmeal.

A great thing about oatmeal is that you will feel full for a longer time and will not have to snack throughout the day to eliminate feeling hunger. Now oatmeal is may have a lot of carbs, but with it making you more full for a longer time you do not have to really worry about that much. Just watch the amount of carbs you take in the rest of the day and maybe try counting your calories.

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Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries. You name it and it’s a great snack to have when you are feeling hungry before lunch. During the summer, berries are a great way to refresh your pallet and satisfy your taste buds. Berries are beneficial to your health because the antioxidant anthocyanin, is found in berries and can alter gene activity in fat cells. This makes it harder to gain weight. Berries are something great that you can put with your other foods or eat alone.

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Apples are filled with pectin. This is what makes you feel full when you eat certain foods. An apple is a great snack food or even breakfast. Since the apple makes you feel full if you eat it for a snack, whatever you are eating for dinner you may not want to eat so much and it can eliminate overeating and suppress your appetite. Add a few apples to your oatmeal and you will be skipping right over your lunch. Apples can be a quick grab and go type of snack!

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Dark Chocolate

Did you think chocolate would be one of the foods listed on here? I did not think so either until I did a little more researching. Like most foods, moderation is the key to a healthy balance. But keep in mind it will not help you have a balanced healthy diet if you if you start eating it in large amounts. Keep it to small one inch squares a few times each day. Eating small amounts of dark chocolate will keep you from craving other desserts later. Keep a little stash in your kitchen but you are going to have to control yourself. This will help you in the long run from digging into all the other possible sweets you could get into.

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Green Tea

Green tea is a way for you to boost your metabolism. It is great to keep yourself hydrated and is a great alternative to drinking water. Green tea is also fat burning so it seems to help you lose most of the weight in the stomach area. So put down your sodas and put green tea in your hand. You can even get green tea lattes at your local cafe.

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Running late but need a snack? Take almonds! Something so easy to take and go. They even make those cute little snack packs of almonds which is just the right amount. Almonds are convenient to eat anywhere too. Snacking on these throughout the day will help you feel satisfied until your next meal. You get monounsaturated fat from the almonds. Along with that you get a good source of protein. The perfect size for this snack would be about your palm filled with almonds, to give you an idea on about how many you should be eating for your snack.

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Now go to your grocery store and fill your cart with healthy choices. Do not forget that just eating these foods will not help you lose weight entirely. You can not just sit on the couch eating these foods and expect results. Also a little thing you can try is a waist trimmer belt for when you workout. What it does is it traps in the heat when your workout which then leads to more sweating and shredding pounds.

Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer; price varies on size you get

Here is a video for you to start shredding those pounds at home! You do not need a gym to get that body and lose the weight you want! Sometimes I personally just like to workout in my living room instead of going to the gym just because I like being able to look as stupid as I want with no one else watching.

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This One Weird Anti-Aging Supplement Can Help You Lose Weight Fast

Part of aging well is staying healthy. For a lot of older adults, that means dropping the excess weight that has been holding you down all these years. Although nothing works as well as a proper anti-aging nutrition and fitness routine, there’s a new anti-aging supplement on the market that can help boost your weight loss diet plan: garcinia cambogia.

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

The anti-aging supplement is made from the fruit of a plant that is native to Indonesia. The skin of the garcinia cambogia fruit contains a natural substance called hydroxycitric acid (HCA); this is what is naturally extracted to create the anti-aging supplement. Garcinia cambogia has been found to be an effective anti-aging supplement to drop pounds if used in combination with a calorie-reduced weight loss diet. In fact, studies have shown some promise.

One of the randomized placebo-control studies followed a group of 60 obese people on a calorie-restricted weight loss diet of 1,200 calories a day, along with a daily 1,320 mg dose of HCA for eight weeks. At the end of the eight-week period, it was found that the participants who were taking the anti-aging supplement had lost an average of 14 pounds; the group who were given a placebo only lost 6.1 pounds. The garcinia cambogia group also reported reduced appetite.

How Does the Anti-Aging Supplement Work?

The anti-aging supplement is believed to have a dual-pronged approach that’s ideal for a weight loss diet: it works to burn fat, while preventing new fat from forming. It also replaces the burned fat with muscle. Plus, because this anti-aging supplement is made from natural plant extracts and ingredients, it’s been shown to increase serotonin levels—serotonin is the neurotransmitter in your brain that plays a role in moderating sleep, appetite, memory, muscle contraction, cardiovascular function, and bone metabolism.

Taking this anti-aging supplement for the long-term has also been linked to healthier cravings over time. The logic is that continuously taking the recommended dose of garcinia cambogia can curb your cravings for salty and processed foods because it trains your digestive system to favor natural foods, like the HCA, instead.

Garcinia-Cambogia-Weird-Anti-Aging-Supplement-Can-Help-You-Lose-Weight-Fast_2What You Need to Know Before Taking This Anti-Aging Supplement

While it’s safe to take the HCA anti-aging supplement as part of your weight loss diet, it is not recommended that you take more than 500 to 1,000 mg before each meal. Never exceed more than 3,000 mg per day.

If you do decide to try a Garcinia Cambogia anti-aging supplement, pay close attention to the list of ingredients before buying it. It should contain 50% HCA with an active ingredient of potassium. Many anti-aging supplements claim to contain natural ingredients, but are also packed with fillers and other artificial ingredients as well. Always be wary and research any ingredients you aren’t sure about.

It’s important to note that you should never rely solely on anti-aging supplements for your weight loss diet—a truly effective weight loss diet plan will always include anti-aging nutrition and fitness elements as well. Also, keep in mind that Garcinia Cambogia is still relatively new to the world of anti-aging supplements, and studies are still being done to prove (or disprove) its effectiveness, which is why it’s even more important to use it in conjunction with a moderate exercise routine and sensible portions at mealtime.

While this anti-aging supplement is safe to take for the average adult, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid it. If you’re diabetic and taking insulin or glyburide, you should consult with your doctor before starting HCA anti-aging supplements, as they may lower your blood sugar. You should also use the anti-aging supplement with caution if you’re currently taking a statin (drugs used to help lower your cholesterol), as it can cause side effects that impact your muscles.


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