Herbal Weight Loss

The Use of Garcinia Cambogia as a Natural Weight Loss Supplement

As the world becomes not only more weight conscious, there has been a increased interest in overall physical health. Because of that, many people are turning to the use herbal remedies, as opposed to drugs. Drugs, while usually effective, almost always have a laundry list of undesirable side effects. More people are turning to natural herbal remedies because, in addition to being made with natural ingredients, they seem to have less side effects. Garcinia Cambogia, which originated in India and Southeast Asia, is now being investigated in other countries, due to its reputation in assisting with weight loss.

How Garcinia Cambogia Works

The active ingredient in garcinia cambogia has been found to suppress the appetite, which aids in weight loss. It has also been shown to reduce the body’s ability to form fatty tissue, which develops due to overeating. The active ingredient is called Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), is believed to be responsible for those results. People in India have used this garcinia cambogia for centuries to help make their meals feel more filling. There are still some studies being done to help to understand more fully its exact mechanism that helps people lose weight. However, it is believed that it works by inhibiting the body’s ability to convert carbohydrates into fats.

Other Health Benefits

Besides helping one to lose weight, the ingredients in garcinia cambogia has other health benefits, as well. Historically, it has been used in the treatment of ulcers. A study that was performed in 2002 found that one of the herb’s constituents, garcinol, is responsible by lowering the content of acid in the stomach and by protecting the gastric mucous. It has also been used to treat diarrhea and even dysentery, a severe form of diarrhea which can lead to death. In a Japanese study taken in recent studies, garcinia cambogia has been found to be therapeutic for those who engage in regular exercise. Using a animal model, this study showed that the HCA contained in this herb would promote fat burning, but would spare carbohydrate utilization at rest, when used regularly. More recent studies have even shown that the herb can protect the body from toxins as alcohol. The study showed that it prevented liver cells from becoming fibrotic and stopped damage caused by high lipid levels in the blood.

Possible Side Effects and Contraindications

Although no serious side effects have yet been discovered by the use of this herb, it is still advised not to be taken by diabetics, people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, or pregnant or lactating women. If you are taking medications, it is important to discuss the use of this herb with your doctor or health care professional, because garcinia cambogia has been shown to be incompatible with certain medications.

Ways that Garcinia Cambogia Can Be Used

Garcinia Cambogia can be taken in several different forms. These forms are

  • Tablets or capsules – taken with water 30 minutes before meals, 3 times a day 300 to 500 mg tablets
  • Nutrition bars – great for helping with weight loss after a strenuous work out
  • Teas
  • Powders
  • Weight loss drinks
  • Chewing gum

The last five products have other ingredients added to aid in weight loss and to increase energy levels.

Garcinia Cambogia is a plant which grows from a flowering evergreen tree with drooping branches. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b5/Garcinia_subelliptica_%28200703%29.jpg/398px-Garcinia_subelliptica_%28200703%29.jpg

The fruit itself is small and yellow, with a pumpkin-like appearance. http://www.anniesremedy.com/images/oils/Mangosteen.jpg http://www.anniesremedy.com/images/oils/garcinia_intermedia.jpg

Since the ancient days, those from India and southeast Asia have used this fruit to provide weight loss along with the aforementioned health benefits. The fruit is harvested, dried and crushed into a powder. http://www.anniesremedy.com/images/oils/garcinia_dried_fruit.jpg

It can be used as a spice for foods, the fruit can be eaten as is, or the juice from the fruit can be drank as a glass of fruit juice with health and weight loss benefits. Now that it has become known throughout the land, many other people are able to enjoy the many benefits that garcinia cambogia has been shown to provide. Further studies are being performed to see if there are even more benefits that can be achieved, or if there are some concerns that need to be addressed.